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Reason 1395 and 1396 why we should love corn.

Forget reasons 1 (popcorn), 2 (corn tortillas for taco Tuesdays) and 3 (tortilla chips for movie nights and gossip sessions), you’ve gotta love corn because what else would you use to build a corn maze?


or fill a sand cornbox?


Certainly not brussel sprouts, that’s for sure.


Catch the fiever

Bieber fever, anyone?

When someone offers you free tickets to catch the Biebs in concert, you don’t say no. #yolo?

Burgers in enemy territory

imageIt started off innocently enough (these things usually do). A friend just moved in to town for a summer gig at a hotshot law firm and we were going to grab lunch to celebrate/gossip/hang out.

I could’ve suggested something nearby, I could’ve stayed within my comfort zone, but instead, I decided to yelp someplace fancy, funky and fun.

After all, if all we wanted were some burgers and fries, we were going to have to rely on the ambiance and cafe decor to set the vibe.

And what’s fancier, funkier and funnier than a place called Tootsies? Continue reading