You say flight delay…


I say time to get my life on track.If I’ve learned anything from the roller-coaster weeks of Debbie Downer lows and the (very rare) Peppy Patty highs, it’s that I need to get my life back on track.

More importantly, I need to stop talking about getting my life on track and actually get my life on track.

It’s time to stop dwelling on the question, “Did I sell my soul for a couple of Benjamins (that go straight to rent, bills and car payments)?” and time to get pro-active.

It’s time to stop wondering if taking the road less traveled and opting for a cubicle in Tech Town instead of a executive assisting gig in Tinsel Town was a bad idea.

It’s time to take those dreams off the back-burner and jump back in the crazy world of cover letters, job boards, informational interviews and rejection letters.

Hey, apply enough times and eventually one of them has got to stick (as long as I write a kick ass cover letter and really sell myself on my resume and in the interview), right?

But first things first: Time to take advantage of my flight delay, pop in some Foster the People and get applying.

Happy Friday!


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