55 Candles & Pretty in (anything but) Pink

imageWhen did we start associating our mothers with all things frilly, pink and cursive?

I mean, I know we associate women with femininity and Hallmark decided long before I was born that pink = feminine but does everything in the Birthday Card Aisle for Moms have to be pink?



What if my mom just doesn’t like pink? What then?

Does this mean that I can only choose between hot pink, baby pink, pastel pink or pink rose-colored birthday cards for a woman who doesn’t own a single item of pink clothing and most likely isn’t isn’t a life-long member of the ‘I love pink’ fan club?

Does this mean that me and every other girl who lives on the edge and waits until the very last possible moment to get her mom a birthday card will actually have to start planning ahead to avoid the pink?


More pink

That’s crazy talk.
Good thing someone on at Target decided to sneak in a few hidden gems amongst the frilly pink birthday cards.
image “Save me a piece of that.” — simple and to the point, understated yet heartfelt, emotive without being blubbery. Now that is my kind of birthday card.

Happy 55th birthday, Mom. Save me a piece of that cake when I get home this weekend?


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