Lessons learned on the job

Sitting in a cubicle looking at documents and packaging materials all day can be a pain but that pain can be well worth it if you pick up a few tricks or two.imageSay for example, I’ve realized how great of an investment a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter can be for my couch-potatoing ways. More specifically, sittin’ in a cubicle and staring at computer monitors from 9 – 5 made me realize that I should be taking advantage of the huge living room TV that is currently collecting dust (except for the days when Roommate and Roommate’s boyfriend play Mario Party in awkward (for me) silence).

So I ordered myself an adapter on Ebay, hooked up my laptop and started streaming my Netflix on a widescreen.

Brb while I go relive the 90s and watch TV shows fueled by teenage angst. Dawson’s Creek, anyone?


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