And another one gone

imageIf there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the last 6 months on the job it’s that the perks only last so long.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still thoroughly enjoying the complementary meals, the rainbow bicycles and the lenient dress code but it seems like, after a while, the perks just aren’t enough and 5 (years) is the magic number. image While lounging in the courtyard, eating some rainbow cake and saying goodbye to the latest co-worker to leave the company, I received a few sage words of advice:

“Learn what you can, find what you’re passionate about and when it’s time to move on… move on knowing that you’re going to do bigger and better things that you’re excited about.”*

*Note: I should say that said co-worker is moving on to a new job with an amazing new title, pay upgrade and opportunity to bring a product she loves to the masses. She may be a little biased (Congrats!).

Nevertheless, I’ve come to realize that these are words to live by. Sure, money and perks are important but if you’re going to be spending 40+ hrs/wk staring at a computer monitor, it better be about something you’re passionate about or else you’re going to go bonkers.

Maybe it’s time I take my Entertainment dreams off the back-burner…


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