Daisy the Dachshund strikes again

Before I left my funemployment days in Suburbia USA for a temp job in Tech Town USA, I adopted a dachshund named Daisy from the local pound.

While my parents and my brother were at work, I stayed at home with Daisy. I fed her, potty trained her and helped her get over her fear of everything while she helped me get back on my feet. Then I got a job and it became clear that I Daisy couldn’t join me in my new life in Silicon Valley because there just isn’t enough space in a tiny apartment for a dog to run free (and because my family had grown extremely attached to the dang dog). She’s my parents’ new favorite daughter pet and I think it’s safe to say that she’s keeping them busy.


Here’s the email Daisy sent me on my mom’s iPad at 2:54AM: “Hi Elle, You guys always come home so late. No one play with me. I was mad!”


Text from Pops on April 21st: “I guess Daisy doesn’t like to read.”


Text from Pops on April 15th: “Daisy likes the good stuff. Look what happened to my leather belt! Yum-yum!”


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