Team giveth and HR taketh away

It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks at the office. Temp Friends and I have been working around the clock to make sure that deadlines are met and projects are well-executed. Staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day has never been more exhausting. Rockin’ out to Beyonce and bouncin’ on a yoga ball instead of an office chair couldn’t even save me from my tired eyes and zombie-like state. Let me tell you, I looked real cute [not really].

But then Temp Friends and I received an email from Hiring Manager. The team chipped in for the us to have a spa day while the rest of them went to a conference. How amazing is that?! Temp Friends and I were all smiles… until we walked in to the office on Monday morning and received another email.

I guess handing out spa days is a Temp reward no-no.

Team giveth [but] HR taketh away… Good bye, Burke Williams! Maybe you and I will meet again some day.



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