Feeling lucky

My dad (you’ll probably hear a lot about Pops) has always been a lotto-ticket-buying kind of guy.  He’s not a big believer in luck but he’s definitely a big believer in the California lottery. You can try talking to him about the statistics but, trust me on this one, it’ll just get him more excited about lotto tickets.

I think he’s trying to pass on his enthusiasm for lotto tickets because when I turned 21, Pops bought me a lotto ticket. When I came back from Italy in a wheelchair (another story for another time), Pops bought me a lotto ticket. When I moved from my hometown to Tech Town, Pops helped me move and bought me a lotto ticket (only to forget to give it to me and then drive an extra 40 miles just to double back and hand it to me).

I’ve never won but that doesn’t mean Pops won’t stop trying because guess what I just found tucked away in one of the goody bags the ‘rents left behind after their visit last weekend? A lotto ticket.

Who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish will make me and Pops a winner today.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


One response to “Feeling lucky

  1. Great photo! I hope you hit the jackpot!

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