Underneath the floorboards

Underneath the floorboards lived a low-tech girl. No one expected to see what they saw so imagine their surprise when they lifted the trap door hidden amongst the floorboards. Greeted by a pup named Daisy, friends entered the room only to discover that it wasn’t a basement or a wine cellar (Low-tech girl is allergic). It was her unexpectedly super cool studio apartment in the middle of Suburbia USA where she lived and blogged a blog with 10,000 followers.

This is not a true story. But wouldn’t it be cool if it were?

It was actually a dream my co-worker friend had last night (I think dreaming that I’m a super hip and trendy girl with a kick-ass Extreme Homes-status studio apartment and a ridiculously popular blog qualifies us to be more than just cubicle mates, no?)

You know what the best part is, I didn’t even tell her I started a new blog. She must be psychic.

On an unrelated note, Happy Pi day! I love a good pun that lets me eat pie.

Mascarpone pie with berries and a horrible picture


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