Hello (New) World!

I prefer paper over plastic, snail mail over email, paperback over ebook, CD over MP3, and print over digital but, don’t worry, I recycle.

I’m a low-tech girl that graduated with big dreams of working in the Entertainment industry but somehow found herself living and working in the all-tech world of Silicon Valley.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true but it sounds a whole lot catchier than the truth.

Here’s the truth–After a long period of funemployment and hiring freezes at the studios, reality sank in and the unpaid bills started calling my name. So, I started looking for jobs outside of Tinsel Town.

A friend came across a tech company’s job listing on Facebook and encouraged me to apply. I thought she was joking. She didn’t seriously think that the girl who still carries around a filofax and post-it notes could land a job in the tech industry, did she? Nevertheless, I applied. What’s the worst that could happen? I don’t land the job but get to brush up my interview skills and have an excuse to wear something other than the funemployed uniform (XL pull-over sweater and sweatpants)? Sounded like a no-lose situation to me!

Through an incredible amount of luck, late-night essay writing, amazingly supportive friends, and a ridiculous case of interview butterflies, I got the job and signed a one-year contract as a temp in the Marketing department.

With my Entertainment dreams on the (temporary) back burner, it’s time for this low-tech girl to embrace the all-tech world. Join me as I clock in from 9-to-5 and try to figure out the difference between HTML, Java, and C++? Who knows… maybe, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to spruce up this blog and make it something other than black and white.

Note: This blog may contain a ridiculous amount of pop-culture references to TV shows, movies, and celebrity news. You’ve been warned.


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